Monday, October 11, 2010

Some Phalangites

Finished a pair of phalangite bases yesterday. These are 1st Corps minis and have Little Big Men shield transfers.

The unit on the left is Antigonid phalangites and the one on the right is Seleucid phalangites. Not the greatest paint job I've done, the trousers on the Seleucid phalangites really didn't turn out like I wanted them too. I guess they're okay for wargame standards.

The next batch is more historicals: 5 bases of Galatians/Celts. I'm actually planning on using the 'magic dip' on these. I'm hoping this will speed up my painting on these so I can get them done in a reasonable amount of time.

On Saturday I introduced my friend Chris to Warhammer 8th edition. He had his grey and silver Horde of Chaos vs. my Tomb Kings. I ended up losing when his Daemon Prince got close enough to unleash a couple of spells on my Heirophant that obliterated him. A Chaos army is hard to deal with. He didn't have any marauders so everything had at least a T of 4 which rendered my shooting virtually useless. And in close combat if it wasn't for the fact he had a lot of Always Strike Last Great Weapons I would have got almost no hits in. And I think my Tomb Prince needs to be fired as yet again he missed almost every attack. Back to the boneyard for him! If I had one complaint about TK it would be that the attack incantation is utter crap versus every other attack spell.

I also got in a couple games of Colosseum by Days of Wonder.
It's a fun and rather fast game where players strive to put on bigger and bigger events and gain more and more spectators. Pretty good game with some nice components.

TIll next time.


  1. Dude, sounds like you need a new WHFB army! Or maybe there is a safer place to keep your hierophant?

  2. I think every time I've lost in 8th edition, my Hierophant has gotten killed. Problem with him is my incantations have a poor range (IIRC all but the missile are 12") so he has to follow along behind a unit to the front line to be effective. Thereby making him a juicy target.

    As for another army, heh heh, I'm taking advantage of Maelstrom's 15% off Early Xmas voucher and starting a new one: Daemon army of Khorne. I'm going to avoid the Cheddar-Daemon army by trying to go Khorne only- no missile, no spells. It'll probably be a while before I get anything fielded though.