Monday, October 25, 2010

Last of the TK Foot Units

Tonight I finished the last of my Tomb King foot units. First up is a block of 20 skellie warriors:

A couple Tomb Guard (not sure why I had 2 that didn't get painted with the rest):

The foot and mounted version of the Army Standard Bearer, although I'll probably never use him as the Tomb King army banners aren't worth it and why waste character points on a 'meh' character.

And lastly is this character that could be a Liche Priest or a Tomb Prince/King. This fig isn't GW but is from Crocodile Games, Wargods of Aegyptus line. It is a Harbinger of Khanum. I figured it would make a suitable Tomb King figure.

Next up is a group (squadron?) of 6 chariots. And after that will be a unit of 4 Carrion and that will be the last of my Tomb Kings. Well, until the new book comes out and they have something cool worth getting like a Sphinx or something.

This past weekend I had some friends over and we played a couple games of Rio Grande's Antike:

Pretty simple game but pretty fun. We played with 4 players but I'd like to try it with 6 players.


  1. Wow, awesome stuff, Scott. They look really great!

  2. Crunchy!

    I'll have some surprises in store for them next Tuesday...