Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TK . . . Done!

Finally finished the last of my Tomb Kings tonight. The last pieces were 4 Carrion.

Woo hoo! Done! Now if only they'll release a new army book. From rumours on Warseer, it looks like it won't happen till May at the earliest. Yippee. So next up is the first of my Deamon army and a group of Bloodletters.

This past week I received a pack of wee magnets from KJ Magnetics that I had ordered. Shipping was pretty quick, a mere 8 days from the US. The ones I got are 1/8" x 3/32" discs. I'm pretty impressed so far. I'm looking over at my metal file cabinet and Skulltaker, the Khorne hero, is walking up the side. Skulltaker is a rather hefty all metal foot mini. I'd definitely buy from these guys again. Check them out. KJ Magnetics:


  1. Scott,
    Congratulations on the Tomb Kings! You have a great looking army.
    I'm also a fan of KJ Magnets...great stuff, and good service.

  2. Good work! Do they spit stomach bile like real ones?