Monday, February 14, 2011

Furies and a Herald

Tonight I finished a group of 10 Chaos Furies. These minis turned out rather dark and the shot isn't the best.

I'm not sure I'll ever use these guys as they're kind of pricey (12 pts) for what you get. The Ld of 2 is pretty crippling. Also I can't remember if these guys were in a loose skirmish like formation in 7th edition but in 8th they rank up. These models are not going to rank up at all. It's just not possible.

I also finished up a Herald of Tzeentch on Disc.

The Disc itself is a rather old mini and is kind of dull and didn't really paint up that great. The Herald worked out anyway.

Next up is a unit of Bloodletters and a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch.


  1. Scott,
    Great stuff. You'll also be happy to know that GW just announced a new Tomb Kings push coming in May.

  2. Geez Scott, we're going to have to play bigger games to fit all these daemons on the table...

  3. After this next batch I've got some Flesh Hounds, a couple more Horrors, some Screamers and some sort of Slaanesh beastie.

    I'm actually really surprised the TK book is out in May. Orks & Gobbos is out I believe early next month. That's kind of fast for TK to be out. Hopefully GW can keep the pace up for army book releases.