Saturday, September 10, 2011

Edmonton International AFV Model Show

Today I went to the Edmonton International AFV Model Show at HMCS Nonsuch ( My camera crapped out early so I only got a few pics before switching to my iPhone. Probably a good thing as my camera pics were crap. There was some amazing paint jobs there. Below is some of my better pics.
I believe this was some sort of Italian towed gun.
This was an amazing train setup hauling some sort of enormous mortar/cannon.
A Canadian LAV III
This was one of the neatest. Right below the model you can see a bit of a pic. The picture is of a exploded Panzer IV. The model was an excellent recreation of the pic. Really original.
This diorama was of Berlin in 1945.
A German scout car.
This was one of only 2 sci-fi entries.

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