Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Review & Plans for 2012

Here is post 2. So 2011 is kaput. Looking back on the goals I had set back in January I partially completed what I wanted.

1. Finish my Warhammer Daemon army - I completed all my Daemon units that I was planning on doing and in addition I painted up a bunch more minis for my Tomb King army.

2. Finish my Impetus Ancient bases - I kind of failed here. I got a handful of bases done for my MayDay game but I still have probably have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10-12 bases to go.

3. 15mm Sci-Fi - I completed 2 full forces. This was probably my biggest painting accomplishment for the year.

4. Misc. small projects - I didn't get much done here except for a number of Full Thrust units.

5. More boardgaming - I got a pile of boardgames played this year.


Overall I played 23 different games with a total of 94 matches played. My top 5 played games were:

#1: Commands & Colors Napoleonics- 30 games played

#2: Dominion- 10 games played

#3: Descent- 7 games played

#4: Arkham Horror- 6 games played

#5: Hammer of the Scots- 5 games

Breaking down the games by manufacturer:

#1: Fantasy Flight Games- 7 different games

#2: Rio Grande Games- 6 different games

#3: GMT- 3 different games

#4: Z-Man Games & Columbia Games- 2 different games

#5: Wizards of the Coast, Simmons Games & Worthington Games- 1 game each

Both FFG and Rio Grande have such a large stable of good quality games that it's hard to not focus too much on them. This year I plan to play just as many board games. I need to bring out a few games to the club's game night. I have a few games I'm really wanting to play: more Twilight Struggle, Dominant Species, Tide of Iron, Tannhauser, Elder Sign and definitely more Arkham Horror and Descent. My friends and I are going to be starting the Descent: Sea of Blood campaign hopefully in the next few weeks.

Miniature Gaming:

So this past year I completed my Daemons and Tomb Kings for Warhammer, painted 2 forces for some 15mm Sci-Fi gaming, painted up some Full Thrust units, painted a small Viking force for SAGA and painted a handful of Ancient units for Impetus. I also got a fair bit of terrain constructed. Unfortunately my goal of getting 500 minis painted this year was an utter failure as I barely made 376.

So for 2012 here's my goals:

1. a 15mm DBA army to get painted up for MayDay

2. 2 fleets for War Rocket for use maybe at MayDay

3. my 15mm Sci-Fi alien faction

4. more Full Thrust units

5. Forgeworld Chaos Hellblade fighter (not for gaming)

6. 28mm Samurai for Impetus (this will probably be my main project for 2012)

7. more 15mm terrain

8. 15mm NK Egyptians for Impetus (probably won't get to this one this year, but in case I do)

9. more boardgaming!

I'm going to set myself a more modest painting goal of 350 figures. Oh and hopefully for 2012 my luck gets a whole lot better.