Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hold the Line

Tonight I went over to Mark's for a few games of Hold the Line with the French & Indian War expansion by Worthington Games. We got in 2 games of Battle of Snowshoes March 17, 1758 and 1 game of the Battle of Montmorecy Falls July 31, 1759. The picture below is of Montmorecy Falls with the British on the bottom and right of the map.
The battle was pretty much a beatdown on the British. Having to attack French forces that are either dug in or up on the hills was pretty nasty.

The game is pretty quick. It looks similar to CCN but is not a card driven game. Each player has a set number of action points plus a random number of action points in which they can order their units to move and/or battle. Overall a pretty fun game to play.

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  1. It was great fun, Scott! Thanks for coming over. I had a great time. We must do it again soon. I'd be open to trying one of your games next...maybe Arkham Horror. I am tempted to pick up Conflict of Heroes, Band of Brothers, or Manoeuvre. So, we can try one of those.