Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dominant Species

Tonight a couple friends and I finally got to play Dominant Species from GMT Games. The goal of the game is to protect your species from being wiped out by the coming Ice Age. The game is pretty simple to play but there is a pile of stuff you can do so it may be hard to actually focus on what to do. I was getting pounded for most the game but at the very end I pulled off a stunning win. The components are typical excellent GMT components and the rulebook is very easy to read. Something that I strongly disagree with on the box is the time to play. The box says 2-4 hours. It was our first game but it still took over 6 hours to play. If you do plan on getting it, know that the time is way more than what is on the box. I can't imagine how it's possible to play in 2 hours.

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