Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last of the Galacteers

Tonight I finished the last of my War Rockets, the Galacteer Class 4:

So while I figure out what paint scheme I'm going to use on my samurai, I'm going to work on some sci-fi terrain. I've got 2 Pegasus Chemical Plant kits and 1 Power Plant kit, so I'm planning on making a pretty decent sized refinery complex. Something I have a complete lack of is buildings, so if anyone has any suggestions, I wouldn't mind hearing them.


  1. Hi Scott, I have built two of the plant kits from Pegasus. They are nice. I have done Syberclicks and the Power Plant. Syberclicks was a bit tricky to assembly, but great for skirmish battles. If you need to borrow my Power Plant on Tuesday, for War Rockets, let me know.

  2. By the way, here is an idea I thought of when doing mine: Spray various pipes, catwalks, and connectors various metalic spray colours (bronze, plastinum, etc.,) and when you put it all together - Kabaam! Looks great! Painting it after is difficult because of the pipes, etc.

  3. Bravo - I love the metallic look.