Friday, July 13, 2012

Assorted Terrain

Last night I finished some pieces of terrain for my 15mm gaming.  First up is 3 pieces made using a set of ruined building corners from Games Workshop.

I didn't put any sort of flocking on besides sand and some gravel.  I'm still humming and hawing about that.  Overall I really like these pieces as they're good solid pieces of plastic. Unfortunately GW doesn't make these anymore so I've had to do some hunting on Ebay.  Today I fortunately won another set.  I could use a few more sets of these and I'd have a great ruined city table.

The other pieces I finished were 3 buildings from JR Miniatures World War 2 line.

They're nothing flashy but perfectly serviceable.  And they're heavy as hell.

On my table right now is my unit of Plaguebearers which went by the wayside as I worked on the buildings.


  1. Looks good Scott. You realize I put a set of those old GW corner ruins in the Mayday Auction...but I agree they are great sturdy pieces.

  2. Yeah I won it. These, are those ones!