Monday, December 31, 2012

Some Samurai & Year in Review

I finally finished off a couple units of Ashigaru that I had started quite a while ago.  These are all from Kingston Miniatures.  I'm going to be taking a break from painting up my Samurai army as I'm tired of looking at them for now. I'll probably put them aside for a few months.


My miniatures painting this year was rather dismal compared to last. I had set my self a goal of getting 350 figs painted this year, alas I didn't even make it to 200.  A large part of this was due to work being incredibly busy this year. Unfortunately 2013 doesn't look any better. I was able to at least a couple of my goals completed or advanced.  Probably the most noteworthy things were, I was able to get 3 fleets painted for War Rocket and get a number of bases of Ashigaru painted.  For 2013 my goals are:
1. War Rocket - complete the remaining fleets - the Valkeeri and the Pirates (Pirates are on my painting table right now).
2. Paint up at least one of the Forgeworld models I have.
3. my 15mm sci-fi alien faction and find a set of rules that I actually like
4. more 15mm terrain
5. 15mm NK Egyptians for Impetus (which I've actually started painting)
6. 28mm Samurai for Impetus - I'd like to get the Ashigaru all completed
7. I've decided to do a project based on Robotech using 1/200 models. I'm presently in buying mode so it may be a while before I start assembly and painting.

Note: I'm not setting myself a specific number of figs to paint this year.


Overall this past year I played 30 different games with 87 matches played. My top 5 games played were:
#1: Dominion- 12 games played
#2: Commands & Colors Napoleonics- 9 games played
#3: Elder Sign- 7 games played
#4: Arkham Horror- 6 games played
#5: Pandemic & Settlers of Catan- 4 games played

Breaking down the number of games played by manufacturer:
#1: Fantasy Flight Games- 7 different games
#2: Rio Grande Games- 6 different games
#3: GMT Games- 4 different games
#4: Z-Man Games & Wizards of the Coast- 3 different games
#5: Mayfair Games- 2 different games
#6: Days of Wonder, Gale Force 9, Worthington Games, Clever Mojo Games & Academy Games- all one game each

I didn't play as many wargames this year as last, mainly due time constraints due to work and my main opponent becoming busy also. Hopefully this year I can find a solution to this problem.

Good bye 2012, hello 2013!


  1. Lovely Samurai mate.
    Samurai can be a bit daunting when it comes to individual many colour choices and no standard uniform.

  2. Scott, great idea not to get too bound up by exact numbers. After all it is a hobby and meant to be relaxing. At least, that is my theory. I never knew you were a Dominion fan. I am, too. Have a great new year!