Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Kingdom Egyptians

Been quite a while since I've posted something up. I was waiting for some bases from Litko to arrive which delayed this posting a bit. So the yesterday I finally finished off the first batch of bases for my Impetus New Kingdom Egyptian army. These are all Old Glory 15s minis. There are based up on Litko 3mm plywood bases with a 80mm frontage.  First up is 4 bases of light chariots (CGL):
Next up is 5 bases of line infantry (FP):
Next is 8 bases of veteran archers (T). There is only 1 category of archers so both types of figures are pooled into the same category.

I probably should have made the skin a little darker than what I did, but oh well.

Next up is a pile more infantry including some more archers, Sherden heavy infantry and Nubian skirmishers.

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