Saturday, March 16, 2013

X-Wing Miniatures Game

This week I was over at a friend's place and we finally got to play X-Wing.  He had the base set and a couple of expansions, giving us a total of 2 TIE Fighters, a TIE Advanced, an X-Wing and a Y-wing.  The game itself is very fast and we got in 4 games in under 3 hours.  Each ship has a handful of pilots to choose from and each ship also can be upgraded to have things such as astromech droids, missiles and pilot upgrades.  Movement is dictated by movement templates and is not hex based. Although I can see the game being easily converted to hex based movement.  The minis are prepainted but are done really well.  
There was a post on TGN this past week stating that Wizkids has licensed the game system from Fantasy Flight to do a Star Trek game.  Should be interesting.

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