Monday, April 15, 2013

NK Sherden & Skirmishers

Finally finished some more bases for my New Kingdom Egyptian Impetus army. These are all Old Glory 15s figs. First up is 4 bases of Sherden heavy infantry.
And the next pic is of 5 bases of Nubian skirmishers.
I've got some more archers on my table and after that should be some more chariots. Meanwhile I'm finishing up the terrain for my Mayday War Rocket game.


  1. They look great. Is that a 60mm width base? Are you doing 15mm Impetus armies now? I did a NKE in 1/72 for Impetus in 2009. It was one of my first armies/game systems. Cool. What army are you doing next?

  2. The bases are 80mm frontage. One I'm done NKE, I'm going to do Hittites. I'm quite enjoying painting these up.