Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Relic: Halls of Terra Busts

Short update tonight. I recently finished the 4 new busts for the new Relic: Halls of Terra expansion.
From left to right: Imperial Fists Terminator, House Belisarius Navigator, Sister Hospitaller and Chaos Iron Warriors Warpsmith.

Also yesterday saw the arrival of my Warfighter Wave 2 box.
This wave produced a hard backed board, more counters, counter tray, expansions for Eastern European adversaries, player cards for the Russian Federation and for the U.K. and assorted cards for night fighting. And it all came with this nice solid "footlocker" to put everything in.

On my paint table right now is 2 more batches of Carthaginans (1 should be finished tomorrow), and some more figures for Retro Raygun.