Monday, October 12, 2015

Robots and Javelins

This week saw me complete two batches of figures. First up are 4 bases of skirmish javelinmen for my Carthaginian army. These figures are plastic figures from Victrix.
Next is a batch of assorted Robot Legion figures for Retro Raygun. Figures are from Hydra Miniatures and are all metal. These figures are ridiculously quick and easy to paint. First is a group of 8 Minibots.
Next is a trio of Robot Legionnaires (from left to right): Heavy Support Legionnarie, Centurion, Optio (squad leader).
Last figure is Warbot Destroyer.
Here's a size comparison shot of the 3 sizes of robot figures.

Sitting on my paint table right now is some more Retryo Raygun Galacteer figures and some more Carthaginians. Next weekend is also Fallcon so I probably won't get anything else done this week.

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