Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More Retro Raygun

Last night I finished some more figures for Retro Raygun. These figures are all metal (with the exception of the last one) and are produced by Hydra Miniatures. I have to say, I love painting these figures up, they're simple, clean and full of character. First up is a Galacteer Tactical squad.

Next is a group of Galacteer heroes. From left to right: Cadet Skippy, Comet the chimp sidekick, Jane Hunter and Dr. Zahn.

Finally is the Aquaclops. This figure is resin with a metal head.

Next on my paint table is a bunch of Carthaginian Libyan spearmen. Once these guys are completed, I'll have a solid core for the infantry. I'm planning on ordering some elephants from Aventine Miniatures but I'm also going to need a bunch of cavalry and it's a pity no one (to my knowledge anyway) makes 28mm plastic cavalry. Odd. If anyone has any good suggestions for assorted Carthaginian cavalry, I'm all ears. Top of my list so far is Foundry.

But before I get them completed I need to paint up a wizard and apprentice for Terry's Frostgrave campaign day on November 7th.