Tuesday, July 12, 2016

French World War 2 HQ & Teams

Just finished these the other day. They're all metal and are from Warlord Games. First up is the HQ squad.
Next is the 2" mortar team.
Next is the anti-tank rifle team.
And finally there is the sniper team.
On my paint table right now is half a dozen 28mm insect aliens for my retro sci-fi game and half a dozen French vehicles.


  1. Nice additions to the force!

    Are the French vehicles on the workbench for WW2 as well?

  2. Looks good! Do they come with bases for the prone guys?

  3. Tim - yes, the vehicles are for the French as well.
    Bob - the bases do come with the guys, which was nice.

  4. Nicely done Scott. Time to get them muddy in the trenches of games tables.