Monday, March 20, 2017

War of 1812 US Units

Recently I finished a couple units of 54mm War of 1812 US units. These metal figures are from All The King's Men. First up is an artillery unit.

Next up is a unit of light troops.

And some closer shots.

Now I just need to get these figures on the table. As I now have Sharp Practice 2, I'll have to give it a go. Next up on my paint table is probably some more fantasy figures.


  1. Nice stuff! The lights look like they have been issued BARs! Need to scratch build some bipeds!

  2. Nice job - the artillery crew has quite a "festive" look about them.

  3. They are very excited to give you a canister of holiday cheer!

  4. If you haven't already done so, let Ken know you've posted pictures of his figures! He's a great guy, and richly deserves his success.

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson