Friday, December 1, 2017

Assorted Figures

It's been a while since I've posted anything, haven't been in a painting mood lately and I've had a number of other things going on.  With the Analogue Hobbies Annual Paint Challenge starting in a few weeks, I have been doing a fair bit of assembling and priming in preparation.  I've only got a few things painted up as seen below.

I'll start off with a group of six insect aliens.
I got these from someone at the club, I have no idea who the manufacturer is. They are made of metal. These have been sitting on my paint table in various stages of painting for well over a year.

Next up are two sets of Frostgrave figures. Figures are all metal. First up is a pair of hyenas that was released when the Frostgrave gnolls came out.
These actually turned out remarkably well (regardless of my shite pictures). I was worried that they would look like my typical crappy animal paint job, but they are quite nice.

Lastly is a trio of giant rats.
Not much to say about these, they're giant rats.

Sitting on my paint table right now is a large 28mm figure that I've been working on for quite a while. Hopefully this weekend I can actually get it closer to being finished.


  1. Those Hyenas did indeed turn out well Scott! And we can always use more giant rats. Those alien guys are the ones I gave you for your Retro Raygun game

  2. Did I own the raygun guys for awhile? I feel like they made the rounds of the MayDay auctions.

    1. Its quite possible Bob, I got them from an auction lot at one of the Mayday's