Monday, December 11, 2017

Imperial Knight

I've always wanted to paint one of GW's Imperial Knights and I was able to acquire one rather cheaply this summer. It was almost completely constructed so I just had to finish it up and do the painting. Painting took me a few months. I went with a Mechanicus-aligned House Taranis paint scheme. My paint job is also not the spit-and-polish paint job seen on the box lid, I weathered mine to make it look like it's actually in use. The weapon mounts are all magnetized so I can easily switch weapons (not that I'm actually playing 40K).
In this pic it has the Avenger Gatling Cannon, Reaper Chainsword and the Stormspear Rocket Pod.

In this pic it has the Thermal Cannon, Reaper Chainsword and the Twin Icarus Autocannon.

I forgot to have a 28mm figure for size comparison but it measures roughly 17cm to the top of the carapace.

Not sure what's next on my paint table as I'm busy assembling figures for the Analogue Hobbies Paint Challenge which should be starting in little over a week.