Friday, January 5, 2018

Partisan, Slingers and 2017 in Review

The other day I completed a couple sets of figures covering two vastly different periods. First up is a batch of plastic Victrix Greek slingers. 

I have these based up for either Impetus, Sword and Spear or Hey Seize Her! (Hail Caesar). These are part of my ongoing Carthaginian project.

Next up is a small patch of World War 2 French partisans. These are the Group Franc pack from Crusader Miniatures.

I'm adding these to my final tally for 2017 as the vast bulk of them were done in 2017.

Rolling of my paint table is a group of Dropfleet PHR ships and they should be posted up sometime on the weekend. After that I've got a batch of 25 Frostgrave cultists on my paint table. I'm going to be hopefully pushing a fair bit of figures out in the next few months as I'm partaking in the Analogue Hobbies Annual Paint Challenge

The second part of this post is my review of 2017. In January I set myself the following goals:
1. 28mm World War II French - complete this army.
          - I still have a fair number of pieces to complete as I picked up a bit more last year
2. 28mm World War II Germans - get at least the starter box completed.
          - this was partially completed
3. Frostgrave - paint up the small assortment of figures I do have.
          - this was also partially completed
4. 54mm War of 1812 - paint up at least the bulk of what I have left.
          - I only painted up one unit, still a bunch left
5. 28mm Samurai - paint up at least 2 bases of figures.
          - this goal was accomplished
6. 28mm Carthaginians - do up at least 4 base of units.
          - this goal was accomplished

For 2018 I'm setting myself the following goals (similar to 2017):

1. 28mm World War II French - complete this army.
2. 28mm World War II Germans - paint up at least half the figures I currently have.
3. Frostgrave - finish all the figures I currently have
4. 54mm War of 1812 - paint up at least 1 unit
5. 28mm Samurai - complete one side (probably only need a half dozen more bases at the most)
6. 28mm Carthaginians - complete this army so I can eventually start on the Romans
7. Sarissa Terrain - paint up at least some the Sarissa Precision buildings I have

It's a fair bit to get done and motivation is my main problem for not getting it done. Hopefully 2018 will be better than last year. 


  1. Nice tally Scott, mayhaps a win or 2 in Frostgrave will inspire you. I've also got quite a slew of Sarissa stuff to get unpackaged & built.

  2. These look super, Scott! You did well in 2017. Good luck with the painting plan for 2018.