Saturday, February 27, 2021

Figure Assortment

As the Analogue Hobbies Paint Challenge is nearing it's end (3 weeks left), I've been feverishly painting pretty much anything that I can do up quickly. So this batch is a fair assortment of figures. First up is this World War 2 German HQ pack. These 28mm metal figs are from Warlord Games.

Probably don't need more officers, I've probably got 1 officer for every 2 riflemen by now.

Next up is this group of Soviets. These 28mm metal figs are from Black Tree Design. The two on the left are flamethrower crew and other two are officers.

And finally there is this group of Terminators. These 28mm plastic figs were from Warlord Games' Terminator Genisys game. I'll probably be able to use them for some pulp sci-fi or they might find their way into the upcoming Stargrave somehow.

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