Sunday, January 17, 2010


So this is my blog. I hummed and hawed whether to actually do this and as you can see, I obviously chose to do it. I intend for this blog to cover all my gaming related activities and maybe the other odd thing or two. Like some of the guys at the local club ( I'm going to keep track of the miniatures that I paint throughout 2010. As I tend to be a rather slow painter, I have the hope that this blog will provide an incentive for me to pick up the pace. The number of minis I have painted right here at the start of this blog include minis that I started in December '09 but finished in January '10 (cheating maybe, but it's my blog, so ha!)

I'll start out with a brief rundown of my wargaming experience. I first started way back in the mid-late 80's playing Battletech, then followed by Rogue Trader. From there I migrated to Warhammer (much to the chagrin of my wallet). I've since put away my Warhammer stuff as I'm pretty much done with GW due to their asinine pricing policies, ridiculous army creep and the craptastic way they've treated the Specialist Games (the 'better games') and their fans. Other wargames I've played or play include Star Fleet Battles, Babylon 5 Wars, Warhammer Ancient Battles and Basic Impetus. I also enjoy playing a wide variety of board games including Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Ticket to Ride and my favourite: Commands & Colors Ancients.

So to start off here is a group of 7 Norman miniatures that I finshed yesterday. All 7 are Foundry minis.

As the bulk of my Norman army is done, I'm planning on painting the remaining miniatures a half dozen at a time while I'm working on my other projects.

Presently I am painting 1 base of Phalangites (FP) and 1 base of Thessalians (CM) for my Alexander Macedonian army for Basic Impetus. After that all I have left is the Companion Cavalry (CP) and a couple General pieces. I'd really like this to become the core of a couple Successor armies or maybe a Pyrrhos army as I'd really like to get my hands on some of the gorgeous elephants from Aventine Miniatures.