Thursday, January 28, 2010

Macedonians completed!

Finally completed my Alexander Macedonians for Basic Impetus. Here they are:

I originally had 4 minis to each skirmish base. Unfortunately I was being an idiot. The figures came in packs of 9, ergo I could make 3 base of 3. So I decided to put 4 per base, which was dumb. So I changed the skirmish bases around a bit so they have 3 to a base. Once I get working on my Successor armies I build the rest.

I also stopped in at Mission Games today and picked up a copy of the new deluxe edition of Twilight Struggle from GMT games.

The board is very nice. I'm really looking forward to playing this game.

Next up, I'll be switching to paint up some starships for my homebrew Full Thrust universe. The first fleet I'll be doing is the US Stellar Navy. The ships are from Ground Zero Games Mega Fleet Deal - New Style Federal Stats Europa. As with most things GZG, the ships are stunning. Hopefully I can do them justice.


  1. Nice job. The size of those spears argues in favour of some experimental archaeology before sculpting, though! Go pick up a 14-foot 2x4 and try to do that!

  2. Yeah, the spears on the light and medium cav (esp. the light) are rather silly. I probably should've trimmed down some of my Foundry pikes and used them instead.

  3. Pydna anyone?

    Do you want to bring them on Tuesday in case we have time for a quick test against some Romans after WAB?

    The look great by the way.

  4. DAve, Which Romans are you going to use?

  5. I can do a Republican (Polybian) Roman list using my Wargames Factory stuff. That's the closest I can come in 28s since earlier Roman lists are long spear and I don't have those troop types in 28mm.

  6. Scott, what do you use for the bases?

  7. I believe it's MDF. I was looking for material to use at my father's shop and he had a bunch, so it all got retasked as Impetus bases.