Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Normans

I completed 6 more Norman infantry today. I had a request for a pic of my entire army so far. Here it is:

The vast bulk of the figures are Foundry with a smattering of Crusader and some Old Glory crossbowmen. Here is what the groups of figures are in WAB Shieldwall terms (left to right, rear to front):

Serjeants (w/crossbows)
Serjeants (w/crossbows)
Coloni (archers)
Coloni (slingers)
Pueri (Lt. cavalry)
Liberi (Lt. infantry)
assorted Characters
Mounted Milites (Hvy. cavalry)
Dismounted Milites (Hvy. infantry)

The picture isn't very good and I've come to the realization that a) I need a better camera or b) I suck at taking pictures or c) both. So I think I'm going to invest in a new camera as they're reasonably cheap.

Last night I also got in a game of Stone Age Settlers

and a few games of Carcassonne.

I have the next game in my WAB campaign with Dave on Tuesday. If we get done early, we'll play a game of Basic Impetus and give my Macedonians are run through. Next up on my painting table is my first Full Thrust fleet.


  1. Despite the flashiness of the picture - your army does look really cool!

    Here's a couple quick tips to make pictures a whole lot better:

    Don't use flash! those figures shouldn't be moving around on their own so set the camera up on a tripod (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) and shoot with a long exposure. I have a pretty cheap camera and I can turn the flash off and set the ISO on "auto" and if it's dark enough it will take some pretty long exposure shots.

    Shoot outdoors in natural light whenever possible - I know, not so easy right now with the blowing snow and wicked cold wind... but I do it anyway (though I haven't done so many pictures of large units like the one above in the recent cold!

    There's a really great tutorial about taking pictures on the Perry miniatures web site that I know I learned a lot from:

    Perry Miniautres (It's under the "select a range" menu - second from the bottom - called "Picture Creation")

  2. You can see the detail even in the flashwash...they look good. You do need some guys with cocunuts to follow the Dismounted Milites... :)

  3. Tim- Thanks for the advice! The room I've been taking my pictures in doesn't have very good light which is why I've been using the flash. Good point about the tripod. I'll have to play around with my camera and see what I can come up with.

    Jody- I'll have to look into getting some coconut guys, probably have to do some sort of conversion. I think they'd qualify as musicians in WAB!