Monday, October 14, 2013

54mm War of 1812 British Part 1

Today I finished the first batch of figs for my War of 1812 British. The figs are from All The Kings Men (ATKM). These are two units of regular infantry. The first unit has stovepipe shakos and I have them painted up as the 89th Foot (black lapels and cuffs).
The next unit has Belgic shakos and is painted up as the 49th Foot (green lapels and cuffs).
Please excuse the pics as I'm still getting used to my picture booth.

These figs had virtually no flash and were fun to paint. A lot bigger surfaces to paint compared to 28mm and especially to 15mm. I also did significantly more black lining than I have done before. Initially I gave the figures a black ink wash right after priming and once I was done painting the figure I went over them again with a fine black ink pen/marker to fix anything that was messed up during painting. I used Pigma Micron Archival Ink pens 01, 03 and 05. You can pick them up at Michaels for around $5 a piece.

In my research of the War of 1812, I came across this webpage:
Unfortunately it is in French and my French is virtually nonexistent. Regardless if you pan down and through the pages there is numerous superb colour plates of uniforms for all sides and units. I would highly recommend it.

Next up is two units of British artillery and I've also got a pile of 15mm Hittites primed and ready for painting.


  1. Looking good Scott, glad to see you got your photo booth.

  2. These are really neat, Scott! Looking forward to seeing more of them!

    I tried painting some 54mm Great War figures a while back - I was thinking "Oh these'll be fun, it'll be so much easier than 28mm stuff as the detail isn't so small..." but they took for freaking EVER to paint - so much surface area!? I don't think I even finished any of them.