Thursday, October 24, 2013

54mm War of 1812 British Part 2

Tonight I finished up a pair of cannons for my War of 1812 project. Figs are from All The Kings Men. First up is a double-trail 6 pounder and 6 crew.
Next is a single-trail 6 pounder and it's 6 crew.
These 12 figs put me over the 500 mark (510 to be exact) for the first time, mainly thanks to all the 15mm figs I've done this year. I should easily make 600, but I'll aim for 700.

Next up for this project will be a unit of militia and a couple mounted generals. Next off the paint table though will be another batch of Hittites.


  1. Wow mate, you are just ripping through these! And they look great - any idea on what you are going to play with them?

  2. Reading trough Black Powder now and I may use it for bigger battles like Lundy's Lane of Chrysler's Farm but I'm really not sure for the smaller ones.