Monday, October 7, 2013

Hittites Part 4

Tonight I finished off a small batch of 15mm Hittites. All figs are Old Glory 15s. First up is a pair of chariots.
Next is a chariot general and a pair of foot generals.
I'm waiting for an order from Old Glory 15s to get here so I can get this army finished.  I'm trying to get enough painted up to take a double size Basic Impetus army for both the NK Egyptians and Hittites to game night but I'm not close for the Hittites mainly due to my lack of chariots. Oh well...

So next up on my paint table is the first batch of 54mm War of 1812 British.  Here they are primed and ready to go. They're actually over half done by the time I've posted this.

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