Thursday, July 9, 2015

Some Samurai & The Great War!

Last night I finished a couple bases of my long-running Samurai project. These are the first two bases of actual Samurai I've done.  Figures are from Kingsford Miniatures out of B.C. . Figures are based for Impetus.

I went with the same dark blue/grey base colour as my Ashigaru and added a pile of extra colour. I think they turned out pretty decent. One of my goals this year was to get four bases done, so I'm halfway there.

And also today my Kickstarter copy of The Great War (Commands & Colours World War 1) arrived!
I imagine I will be playing this at next game night.

For my next painting task, I've agreed to paint three 15mm DBA Meso-American armies for Dennis to pay off my purchase of a pile of his 25mm Macedonians. I've actually been wanting to paint Meso-Americans for a while and as they have no horses, even better! So next on my paint table are the Zapotecs.


  1. Crazy fiddly samurai! Nice work. Looking forward to seeing CCA WW1. Wish he would do the AWI version this way.

  2. I loathe painting samurai... so many fiddley bits... all that cording... and yet I've painted quite a few myself - they do always look super cool when they're done!

    I don't know much about impetus - is this a unit (3 stands)? how many units/stands do you need for an army?

  3. Hey Tim, the lacing was a bit of a pain. I'm still tempted to go over these and give them a quick wash.

    In Impetus, each base is a unit. Number of figures does't matter. I like to base 6 figs for a missile/light infantry unit, 8 for a heavy infantry unit, 3 for a cavalry unit, 3 for a skirmisher and 1 for a chariot/elephant/war machine. So these 2 bases are 2 units of heavy infantry.