Sunday, March 27, 2016

Retro Robots

Today I finished a group of robot figures for my Retro Raygun set. These figures are all metal and are from Bombshell Miniatures . First up is a group of 6 'minion' robots.
Next is a pair of 'conehead' robots.
Next up is a trio of emergency services robots: security bot, fire bot, EMT bot.
And finally are my favourites of the lot: a pair of trashcan bots flanking Dr. Zardov.
I really like the clear domes on all three figures. Not something you see very often.

Sitting on my paint table right now is a pile of wizards and apprentices that I'm painting up for Terry's Mayday game and an alien faction for my Mayday game. After that I have a bunch of terrain I need to assemble for my game.

Speaking of Mayday, we've got lots of spaces open!