Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Imperial Alexander - Done!

Tonight I finished a few more bases of my Macedonians.

Finished another base of Phalangites and Hypaspists (both are Foundry miniatures) and a base of Scythian horse archers. The Scythians are from Vendel and are really nice sculpts, I probably didn't do them justice. The Scythians were the only thing I needed to complete an Imperial Alexander BI army.

Not sure what I'm going to do next, I think I'll either do a unit of light cav and more Phalangites or maybe some Persian skirmishers for the Antigonos and Demetrios list. Or maybe I'll do my pair of Dumbos. We'll see.

Last Tuesday's game of AWI Battle of Saratoga made me think what my long term plans are. I'm eventually looking to do some 6mm but I'm not sure what period to do. The AWI game really peaked my interest and I'm kind of leaning in this direction. Anything 20th century doesn't appeal, Napoleonics are just intimidating, Medieval doesn't really float my boat and Ancients is probably the only other period that would interest me. Hmm, not sure.


  1. AWI is a very interesting period. Probably my favorite 18th century period. Not only are the uniforms/armies interesting, the tactics are interesting. Early war you have almost a colonial feel with the British being far superior in quality, later in the war things get on an even footing. Makes for good fodder for making up your own scenarios.

  2. You are far braver with colours than I am in painting! Good show. Yes, love the asymmetry of the AWI. Will be playing a board game (Washington's War) tonight thta highlight that. If you want a few 6mm strips to try out, I have lots of extras. Not enough to make a unit but enough to try your hand as the scale. Can bring them to the club in April.


  3. Thanks Bob! That would be awesome.