Friday, January 1, 2021

2020 Year in Review

Happy New Year all and I hope everyone had a safe Christmas and New Years. I think it's safe to say that we can all bid a good riddance to the train wreck that was 2020. 

So let's start with the review of my goals for this part year.
1. 28mm World War II French - I actually completed this. Literally on the last day of the year a package arrived from Warlord with some additional figs, so I'm not counting those.
2. 28mm World War II Germans - I actually don't think I did anything for this army this year. I only have a handful of figs that are assembled and ready for paint. I do have a bunch of submachinegun equipped guys and a number of machinegun teams ('cause that's what Germans need is more machineguns). Overall it's not a lot left really.
3. 54mm War of 1812 - I didn't touch this project at all.
4. 28mm French & Indian War - didn't complete all the boxes I had and definitely didn't get a game in. I did get a bunch done but I think I added enough new figs to the pile to make it even bigger. Hmm.
5. 28mm Samurai - my goal was to get 4 bases done and I managed to do 5 bases in all. 
6. Star Wars Legion - I've got everything done except for 2 vehicles.
7. 15mm Sci-fi - I only had the one faction left and I did get all the infantry done. I do have a bunch of power suits and walkers still to do.
8. Counterblast - I did get all my figs completed, No games of course.

So out of the 8 goals I had set, I got 3 accomplished and a couple others well on their way. One of the projects that I really wanted to work on this year was to work on early war Soviets for a friend. I really got a ton of these done, so that's probably my key painting highlight of the year. 

So for 2021 here's my goals or what I'm focusing on might be a better way of putting it:
1. 28mm World War II French - complete this army.
2. 28mm World War II Germans - complete this army.
3. 28mm World War II Soviets - complete this army.
4. 54mm War of 1812 - complete the units I have left.
5. 28mm French & Indian War - complete at least 100 figures. This should cover I think 75% of my F&IW paint pile.
6. 28mm Samurai - get 4 bases done. Commands & Colors Samurai Battles is out this year so I'd like to be able to field a game of this. I'll have to get a mat somewhere. . . 
7. Star Wars Legion - complete everything I have.
8. 15mm Sci-fi - complete the last army and I need to get building some terrain. Or just complete the figs and get rid of it all. Have to realistically think about whether I'm going to actually use it. More I think about it, may just finish painting the figs and get rid of them all.
9. 15mm Ancients/Medievals - I'd like to get at least 6 bases of Ancients and 10 bases of Medievals done. 

That's a lot of figs to get painted. I didn't add anything for my Carthaginian army as it's pretty much done (although I do have a bunch I can add to it) and I'd like to maybe get started on the Romans. We shall see. 

I definitely need to get some of my figs to the table this year and get more boardgaming in as last year was...bad. I really miss my boardgaming night. Realistically though vaccines for the general public probably won't be arriving till at least late spring, so the first part of the year will be a bust. 

Well, here's to everyone's continued health and have a good productive year!

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