Friday, January 22, 2021

F&IW Rangers and a Warrior Priest

Recently finished up another batch of figs. First is this group of French & Indian War British Rangers. These 28mm metal figs are from North Star Military Figures' Muskets & Tomahawks range. These are three separate packs with an officer in the first batch.

What I like about these figs is that there aren't any duplicate figures in the packs. There's some similarity but overall these are 18 different poses.

And finally there is this 28mm metal Mordheim Warrior Priest from GW.

Once I started painting I noticed that there was supposed to be a cross piece on the fire staff. No idea where it got to. Knowing what it looks like, I think it actually looks better without it.


  1. Love the Rangers and the way you painted the fire on the Priest.

  2. Those are lovely. The guns are so thin and straight! Also like the black cloth for the background.