Thursday, January 14, 2021

Second Batch of the Year Assortment

This group of figures are the second batch off the paint table this year. First up is this canoe and Frontiersmen. This 28mm piece is from Warlord Games French and Indian War line.

Next up is this English Civil War light gun. This 28mm metal set is also from Warlord Games. This was a nice little piece that assembled and painted up nice and easy.

And finally is this Watchtower. This set is from Games Workshop and I believe I got it in a trade with Bob a few years ago. It sat in the basement for a couple years then moved into my paint room where it sat for a year and now it's finally done!

I've seen the little shack either on the side on situated on top of the tower. I think I prefer it off to the side.


  1. Great job! Love the canoe and you totally saved the watch tower from a half-assed paint job.

  2. Excellent models and your watch tower is making me want to pull out my fortified manner and finally assemble it.