Sunday, January 31, 2021

Ghouls and a Dynamic Duo

Finished some more figs recently. First up is this group of 8 ghouls. These are plastic 28mm figs from Mantic Games.

Flesh didn't quite turn out like I wanted it to, but oh well, they're ghouls.

Next up is this dynamic duo. One is a whirling dervish of death and the other is . . . his biographer? These are metal 28mm figs from Games Workshop.

Something I picked up on after I watched this video from Duncan Rhodes , was the palette I should use. I've been using old blister packs for pretty much ever. Instead I picked up a couple white tiles.
What a difference, less paint wastage and it's much easier to thin the paint down. Also clean up. Once I've pretty much covered the tile I just wash it off and it's good to go. 

I also picked up some of this Winsor & Newton brush cleaner and restorer on Amazon.
Tossed in all my brushes and let them sit for a few hours and then rinsed them. Really cleaned up my brushes. It's not cheap and I definitely should have got the bigger bottle. But it's most certainly extended the life of my brushes. 

Also picked up some brush cleaner and preserver (again on Amazon). I haven't used it yet but it's another thing to help clean and preserve my brushes.

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  1. White tiles have been my go to for years - easy clean up. The problem is with paint drying quickly as the same feature that makes the surface easy to clean also makes it highly exposed to evaporation!