Thursday, March 18, 2021

Samurai & Militia

Finished a couple more sets of figs in the past week. First group are 28mm metal Samurai. The samurai and teppo base are all from Kingsford Miniatures, the command base is from Steel Fist Miniatures. The figs are based up for Impetus and will definitely also see use once I get my hands on Commands and Colors Samurai Battles. First up is the samurai base.

Next up is the teppo base.

And finally is the command base. The mounted commander is Ishida Mitsunari, the losing general of the Battle of Sekigahara (with his head still attached).

The second batch of figs are for the French & Indian War. These 28mm metal figs are from Galloping Major Miniatures and are British Rangers/Backwoods Militia.

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